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OPEN - 1 April  to 17 October 2024

Find your Bullara experience

immerse yourself in the heart of Western Australia's rugged beauty at Bullara Station Stay. explore vast landscapes on stunning bushwalks, witness captivating sunsets over rolling red sand hills, and observe authentic farm life with our station animals and muster season. discover the allure of stargazing beneath clear outback skies, while cozy evenings by the campfire create lasting memories. Bullara Station Stay offers an unforgettable escape, a place to reconnect with nature and relish in amazing company and genuine outback experiences .


Burger Night

 outback sunset, incredible live music, excellent company and delectable burgers - the key ingredients to an amazing Friday night. our most famous experience at Bullara is our iconic Burger Night that takes place every Friday. it's the epitome of Bullara hospitality and is an experience like no other. burger night is enjoyed by everyone of all ages, no matter how young or old and the atmosphere is guaranteed to be phenomenal. if you're on the road, you'll likely have heard whispers of Bullara burger night being unmissable - so make sure you book ahead. 

burger bookings

can be made from the 15th day of the month prior to your arrival via the link provided on your confirmation email - “View your booking online” or by calling our reception team on 08 9942 5938. in-house guests will receive first preference with bookings.


Woolshed Cafe 

the old woolshed barn area of the station was converted into our beautiful Woolshed Cafe in 2022, and now serves as the central hub for most of the station's events. open daily throughout the season for barista coffee and 100% homemade goods, it's often the first place guests land on their arrival. if you've heard of Bullara, you've likely heard of our scones. we take scones very seriously, and strive to perfect the art of scone baking - it's our passion! perfectly complemented by our barista-crafted coffee, assorted teas, aromatic chai, and rich hot chocolate. we have sweet, savoury, veggie and gluten free options for every kind of food mood you might be in. 

opening hours

7am to 1.30pm: barista coffee + food

Walking Trails 

discover the three enchanting walking trails around the station, where vibrant birdlife and unique endemic flora await. meander through scenic tracks, stopping to take in the surrounding landscape. photographers will revel in the opportunities at every turn. take your 4 legged friend along for a strut after a long day travelling. 

be sure to embark on our sand dune trail for a mesmerizing sunset with 360 degree views of the land. remember to bring your favorite nibbles and refreshments for a truly unforgettable experience.

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Exmouth Gulf Track + Fishing

head out on an adventuous drive along our 4WD access track to the find the captivating wonders of Exmouth Gulf. cast your line in the tranquil tidal mudflats by the boat ramp, or set sail in a small boat towards the hidden islands. head out at sunrise to witness the glassy water, where the horizon becomes indistinguishable from the ocean. immerse yourself in the breathtaking spectacle of marine and birdlife, including charming mud skippers, graceful rays, playful crabs, and more, all thriving amidst the sanctuary of the mangroves. bring along some snacks and sit in our shady hut as you experience the solitude of the gulf.

access - inhouse guests

chat to our Camp Hosts to get all the information you need about the conditions of the road and a map of how to get there.

The Table 

indulge in a delectable culinary journey at The Table dining experience. immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours, crafted with the finest local produce and a touch of outback charm. our expert chefs present an exquisite menu that tantalizes your taste buds, making every meal a memorable occasion. savor the warm hospitality and rustic ambiance as you share delightful moments with family and new friends.


dinner reservations

can be made from the 15th day of the month prior to your arrival via the link provided on your confirmation email - “View your booking online” or by calling our reception team on 08 9942 5938.

in-house guests will receive first preference with bookings.

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Campfire Gatherings

join us every day at 5pm by the firepit in our welcoming camp kitchen for a BYO happy hour. bring your favorite cold beverage and a comfy chair, and soak in the ambience while meeting other campers. don't miss the chance to contribute to the Bullara legacy by adding your bottle to the iconic Bullara Bottle Tree during your stay. create cherished moments with like-minded new friends in an unforgettable setting.


Open Air Showers

experience our iconic, Instagram-famous outdoor Lava Tree Showers and all the new additions around the park. bask under the clear turquoise skies, or the glow of the stars in our outdoor hot-water showers. discover the uniquely designed facilities to add some fun and quirkiness to your stay. it's just harder to keep your shower short!

there are many different options and styles, find one to suit you.


Station Animals

upon entering the gates at Bullara Station, you'll likely be greeted on the road in by our animals grazing. our station started out solely for the animals, long before it became a station stay, and this land is where they call home.

enjoy observing our goats Gypsy and Buckley every morning as they awaken from their cosy converted "car barn" to watch the sun rise. spot Scratchy the bull roaming the fields, alongside the beautiful Droughtmaster cows that are at the heart of the station's beef operations. 

we love to allow our animals to live as undisturbed as possible in a busy station, and respect that this space is their home to roam freely, without too much bother from human interaction.


astro-tourists in the know are aware that Bullara Station Stay is the ideal location for an unforgettable celestial experience. immerse yourself in the cosmic wonders of the Milky Way and shooting starts, away from all light pollution. you don't even need a telescope as you bask under the mesmerizing expanse of starry nights. feel humbled by the enormity of the sky above us, when the night sky unveils it's most breathtaking secrets, creating lasting memories and moments that truly shine.

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Weekly Events

love a roaring campfire – great we have you covered! most nights our team will be on deck to share some stories about Bullara, host a games night or even just meet you at the “local Joint” our new bar located in the woolshed and serving the best of WA wine and beer.  please check our weekly notice board for activities and keep an eye out on all socials as we update regularly. this year, anything goes, and we suggest dragging a comfy chair over to the camp kitchen as day turns to night, the communal fire can spark wonderful conversations and new friendships.

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Bullara Beef

experience the exquisite flavour of Bullara Beef, where respectful farming practices result in unrivaled tasting beef. our grass-fed Droughtmaster cattle thrive on the pristine lands of the station where they can roam freely in their undisturbed habitat, resulting in succulent, tender beef that's a cut above the rest. we're passionate about nurturing our cattle and practice low stress handling.

savour the difference of Bullara Beef - available to buy daily from our reception office. our snags and beef patties are crowd favourites, while our cuts of scotch fillet, rump steak, and porterhouse (to name a few) are the best for a delicious steak night on the BBQ.

our beef is always vacuum packed, keeping it fresher for those on the road. tip: buy it when you see it. it might not be there when you come back later.

beef sales

during reception opening hours, stocked in the fridge and freezer.



each season comes with a series of unique events that coincide with the changing months. recent features include an enchanting Long Table dinner event celebrating local food producers and providers, and a mesmerizing celestial stargazing night with AstroTourism WA.

stay connected and informed about upcoming events by following the Bullara Facebook and Instagram pages.

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