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OPEN - 1 April  to 17 October 2024

The Journey 

at Bullara Station the spirit of the Australian outback comes alive in all it's rugged and untamed beauty. immerse yourself in the sheer vastness of Western Australia's red, sandy country. allow the story of the land and it's people unfold with every rustling breeze, golden sunrise, and star-studded night sky. join us in discovering the captivating allure of the outback, where untouched landscapes and authentic experiences await your exploration.

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Getting to Bullara Station

Road Access

located approximately 1,200km north of Perth and 90km south of Exmouth, embark on an adventure filled with scenic drives, untouched landscapes, and the promise of unforgettable experiences. 

upon reaching the gates to Bullara Station Stay, you'll encounter an unsealed driveway that stretches around 1.2 kilometers long. this road is well maintained and is suitable for all types of vehicles.

Key Road Distances

Perth 1,200km  -  Carnarvon 281km  -  Coral Bay 69km  -  Cape Range National Park 130km

Exmouth 90km  -  Tom Price 545km  -  Karijini National Park  approx 630km

Air Access

you can fly direct to Exmouth from Perth and Melbourne with Qantas. upon arriving in Exmouth, you can easily arrange a vehicle rental and embark on a scenic drive to Bullara Station, which should take around an hour.

250,000 acres of land,

known as Punurrba by the local Yingarrda people


we welcome visitors from April to October each year. the seasonal opening coincides with the most pleasant time to be in this region of Western Australia, and ensures that guests can fully embrace the distinct beauty and activities the station has to offer.

April + May

daytime temperatures are pleasant and warm, with the mean maximum temp being 30 degrees celcius. nights are still mild, with mean minimums of 20 degrees celcius.

June - August

it may be winter elsewhere, but here in Exmouth Gulf, temperatures are mild and perfect for outdoor pursuits such as hiking and wildlife spotting. during the day, temperatures reach 24 degrees celcius on average. evenings are a bit cooler, creating the perfect opportunity for a cosy campfire. expect to have minimums of 12 degrees celcius. 

September + October

the last two months of the season see similar daytime temperatures to May, with the gradual change to warmer days. evenings can still feel cool but are comfortably refreshing after a warm day in the sun. 

road access is possible during every month we are open.  

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