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OPEN - 1 April  to 17 October 2024


Welcome to Bullara Station Stay, 

to our beautiful landscape,,,

to the stunning night skies,

to our unbelievable atmosphere,

to our home in outback Western Australia.



experience the rustic charm of Bullara

a place where we pay homeage

to the land,

the environment

and our history.

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4 W D  E x m o u t h  G u l f

conquer sandy terrains to access Exmouth Gulf where an adventure awaits

W a l k i n g  T r a i l s

nature's beauty unfolds through Bullara's tranquil walking trails

Bullara Icons -8.png

S t a r g a z i n g

be entranced by celestial wonders under Bullara's mesmerising night skies

Bullara Icons -5.png

S t a t i o n  A n i m a l s

spot our quirky farm animals as they roam their land around the station

Bullara Icons -10.png

B u r g e r  N i g h t s

indulge in our Bullara beef at our famous burger night every Friday

Bullara is the culmination of our dream to share the experience of life on a cattle station, in an authentic, environmentally sustainable, and comfortable way.

it's an evolution stemmed from a passion for the red dirt and connecting with adventurous travellers.

discover the captivating story behind this unique destination and embark on a journey like no other.


savour delicious homemade treats and freshly brewed barista coffee.

combined with our warm hospitality, it's the best start to a memorable and relaxing day amidst the stunning Australian countryside.


Join us at Bullara Station Stay, on your journey through the remarkable hidden gems of Western Australia's heartland. Located approximately 1,170 kilometres north of Perth and 90 kilometres south of Exmouth, embark on an adventure filled with scenic drives, untouched landscapes, and the promise of unforgettable experiences.

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